My Life Abroad: The Adventures of Two Birds
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Aug '08

A long trip away from home…

It seems funny but everytime we come to visit family in the U.S. I start to think of Melbourne as “home” more and more. It’s not cause my ‘stuff’ is there or because of my kitties (that I miss so much), but it has really become my home. I know eventually we will come live in the U.S. but probably more because I think Birdie wants the experience of living in America, than my desire to come back. There are just so many positives to Melbourne as a city it’s hard to find a comparable city in the U.S. to move to. We’ve looked at Las Vegas, and on this trip we have checked out Dallas – but these cities are so dang HOT, I don’t know how I could ever be happy and comfortable living in either. It’s still in the air. We may look at Washington and Oregon when we return in another two years.

My Reunion experiences on this trip were fun, and we really had a good time. After being the chairman for my own 20-Year Reunion in California and planning it all myself, I really appreciated how much bang for the buck you can get by not hiring out a major event like this. My Reunion in Texas was at the infamous “The Woodlands” Resort, and it is a beautiful place. We stayed in a bungalow and had dinner with longtime friend Marilyn Guinn and her husband – which was wonderful, right on the golf course/pond. The reunion however was in a conference room and sported some tables, a very small cash bar, DJ and small portable dance floor. Respectfully, I must say it is hard to plan these kinds of events and I really put my whole heart into the NUHS Reunion this year, it took a year of planning and a lot of money. I’d say that since the tickets for the Houston Reunion were upwards of $10-15 higher, my class in California got an excellent deal with a sit down dinner, picnic, pizza, etc. Overall it was fun for me just to catch up with old classmates from elementary and middle school days.

We’ve driven up to Dallas for our last two days to hang out with friends Melanie and Peggy (who Mom and I met on our Med Cruise in 2005), and my friend Dean W. from my California class. Birdie is sick with a Sinus cold and we have a full day of travelling tomorrow, first with a 3-hour drive from Dallas to Houston, a Southwest flight from Houston to LAX that sets us up for a 4.5 hour layover before our flight to Melbourne (15-hours). I hope he starts to feel better today because flying sick isn’t any fun AT ALL.

Pictures from the California NUHS Reunion are available on, use the password nuhs88. Details to make donations to our Reunion and Website fund are at

This five week trip/adventure was a great success and we are so tired I can’t imagine going back to work – but we’ll be able to get back to our house and our kitties and our lives again. Check back to the blog, here, for my last pictures from the final weeks – we’re looking forward to getting things back to normal soon and the blog will go back to the regular updates!


Mental Status: Wishing Birdie felt better, waiting to get back home!
Favourite thing this week: Catching up with old friends from elementary and middle school in Texas.
Book this week: Daniel X – James Patterson
Happy Moment: Dinner with Marilyn and Rashid.
Looking forward to next week: Being in my own bed, cuddling with my kitty Pete, WINTER weather in Melbourne, and having a real coffee!

Aug '08

Reunion Success (day 24 of 35)

I have learned that people do read my blog… thanks Christy!  It’s good to know that I don’t sit here and write for nothing.  The Reunion was a very busy three day event and things were fantastic.  We had so many compliments and I was so pleased that the night turned out the way it did.  Day three of our Reunion – the Family Picnic was great – 70 in attendance, a great showing – here is a picture of the students that attended!


With spouses and children we had a great day, facepainter kept the kids busy so the adults could have a good time and connect.  Pictures from the actual reunion will be available online soon.  Here are some of my favourite snapshots from the three days of events:

lainey_birdie.JPG 166.JPG 167.JPG 170.JPG 1711.JPG 172.JPG 

181.JPG 179.JPG 177.JPG  mike-profile-pic.JPG  

committee.JPG 183.JPG 184.JPG 189.JPG 186.JPG picnic_501.JPG 

202.JPG 190.JPG 203.JPG

Next on the agenda is a quick trip back to Chico for the day to give my kitty Kahlua to my young friend Leanne, we are going to have lunch with friends and then we are off to the Nevada County Fair in Grass Valley (kinda like a hometown Carnival).  We are then off on Thursday flying to Houston for my 20-Year Reunion at Klein Oak High School in Spring, Texas.  I am really looking forward to meeting back up with my friends from 4th to 10th grade.  And plus I’m not planning this one so I can finally relax a bit and enjoy the evening!

We have more rest and relaxation planned for the remainder of this trip so don’t expect an update every three days anymore… Mel! 


Mental Status: Glad the reunion is over!  But sos happy with the fantastic success!
Favourite thing this week: Being crowned Reunion Queen by the 1988 Homecoming Queen and Reunion Committee Member Christy Salcedo.
Book this week: Everybody Worth Knowing by Lauren Weisberger
Happy Moment: Seeing Reida and Jennifer at the Reunion, and Jennifer Foote (class of ’89) at the pinic.
Looking forward to next week: Flying to Houston for my other Reunion, and seeing old friends from the Med Cruise in Dallas (Melanie & Peggy).