My Life Abroad: The Adventures of Two Birds
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Apr '13

Selling our first home

After all of our renovations to our first home, we’ve decided to put it on the market, and downsize for a while so that I can stay home with Baby Bird.  We’ve had a lot of fun renovating – moving the kitchen (which was very small) to a different room and making the house “open plan” was a great achievement.  I learned how to tile and plaster, I did a lot of painting and a lot of shopping for new appliances 😉

Our ad comes out on Monday but I thought I’d post all of our pictures here for everyone to see our end result.  The home is a 4 bedroom, 4 bath, carport on 1/2 acre plus office, laundry, butler pantry, spa bath, and 4th bedroom also serves as a self-contained unit with kitchenette and bathroom, double shower, and private outside entry.

Enjoy the pics.  If you want to see pictures from our renovations, you can use the search function on the blog above and search on the category: Renovations, and New House.

Click on each picture to enlarge.

Outside1 outside2

Outside view – side                                        Outside view – front

TOM_8815 TOM_8818

Downstairs self-contained Unit                         Downstairs Unit (Teenage Retreat or Guest Room)

TOM_8821 TOM_8823

Master Bath/Ensuite – double vanity                Master Bath/Ensuite – spa tub + shower for two

TOM_8827 TOM_8828_2

Master bedroom with the best view                  Ceasar stone island bench in our renovated kitchen

TOM_8830 TOM_8833

Kitchen view                                                   Dining/Livingroom – open plan

TOM_8835 TOM_8842

Livingroom                                                   Living/Diningroom – open plan

TOM_8845 TOM_8851

Kitchen                                                         Bedroom 2 – Nursery

TOM_8855 TOM_8856

Driveway, carport and outside entry to Unit       1/2 acre property

TOM_8857 TOM_8858

1/2 acre property                                          Creek at border of property

TOM_8860 TOM_8861

Bottom of property looking up at the house       Back garden

Butler Pantry dog run

Butler Pantry                                 Enclosed Dog Run

Laundry master closet

Laundry                                       Master walk-in closet

Just a background on when we bought the house.  There were 2 bathrooms complete, and 2 bathrooms with only a toilet and a small sink, the kitchen was a galley kitchen very small against the back wall of the now living room.  Our now kitchen was an enclosed room that we used as a dining room but could have been used as another bedroom.  Making the house open plan was our primary goal and making a kitchen that would sell the house was a priority.  Creating the master bathroom was fun, we did most of the work ourselves with the help of a great plumber – picking out the kitchen appliances and each piece of the kitchen including colours and textures was really fun.

Looking forward to our next adventure, and maybe someday to build our own house from scratch!

Mar '09

Our New House

Open the new photo album:

We’ve been thinking for a while to move out to the “bush” area, and we have some very lovely friends that live in Upwey, the area where we started looking a couple weeks ago.  Just so happens that we found a house that we really liked – it needed a bit of work but we thought we could spend some time doing expansions, building a deck, etc, etc.  So we thought on it for a week and decided to go out and see a bunch of other properties in our range on the day we were intending to make an offer on the first place. 

First thing in the morning we went to the place we wanted, looked around, assessed all of the renovations and thought about our price.  Second house we went to see, in Belgrave Heights, just one suburb away from our friends and about :25 drive from where we live now.  It’s a 4-bedroom 3-bath on 1-acre of land (which includes a good sized creek at the back of the property). Downstairs is a studio apartment/unit with a full bath which can be accessed from the outside or inside. The property is georgeous, gum trees and ferns all around – cockatoos and kookaburra’s – oh and the creek!  


So after looking at this house, we looked at each other, and we knew.  I called to cancel our appointment to put an offer on the other house and we hung around Belgrave for a few hours until we could get in to make an offer on this place!  We are so excited, it does need a little work but not as much as the other and it is a perfect setting – beautiful, just what we wanted!

The owners have accepted our offer, our financing will be coming through this week and if all goes well we will be moving in the first week of June.

more pics…  click here for a slide show or click on the picture below to enlarge:

our-new-house4.jpg apartment-entry.jpg deck1.jpg back-side-of-house_apt-downstairs-entry.jpg our-new-home_us.jpg our-new-house3.jpg garden2.jpg  child-room.jpg hallway.jpg kitchen1.jpg kitchen2.jpg living-area-part2.jpg living-area-part-1.jpg living-area-part3.jpg our-new-house2.jpg master-bedroom.jpg long-windows-throughout.jpg downstairs-studio-apartment-1.jpg downstairs-studio-apartment-2.jpg downstairs-studio-bath.jpg bath.jpg house-from-back-of-lot.jpg creek-on-back-of-property1.jpg creek-on-back-of-property2.jpg creek-on-back-of-property3.jpg family-out-to-see-the-property.jpg property-from-top-deck.jpg tree-on-property.jpg wild-cockatoo-in-tree.jpg wild-cockatoo-in-tree2.jpg 


Mental Status: So happy to hear that the owners have accepted our offer, go our financing!!
Favourite thing this week: I hear 39 is the new 38.
Book this week: The Associate by John Grisham.
Happy Moment: Finding our dream house this week!
Looking forward to next week: Taking our family through the house for the first time, and my birthday dinner.