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Jul '14

Baby’s first Asian Holiday

Seriously, no time to blog while on holiday anymore, the baby just keeps me so busy.  We had a good time, it was so hot in Thailand, and no so much hot but the humidity would just knock you flat out.  We spent every day in the pool, and about every other day getting massage – heavenly!  We’ve all come home with a tan, including baby and we got to see so much while we were there!  The beach near our hotel was divine, some great sunsets while we were there.

sunset surin 2

Surin Sunset Day 3

sunset surin

Surin Sunset Day 13


I’ve been promoting different animals in our lead up to Thailand, saying “Elephant” and “We will see an Elephant in Thailand” – so when we get to see the Elephant it is exciting for her.  Raegan fed bananas to the baby elephant, and we took a 1-hour trek on the big momma, which was about 30 minutes too long for Rae – it was so hot she was not handling it well.  But still fun and there were some good views.   Here are some snaps from our day – click the link to see our Asian Holiday photoalbum:

The full photo album can be found here, enjoy:

The hotel was very nice, usually we move around when we travel through Thailand but this time we stayed at Surin Beach for the entire 17 days.  The hotel was eclectic and beautiful, and two nice pools.  The beach was just a stones through away, and so was our massage joint, just outside the resort on the main road.  The restaurant was superb and the staff was excellent!  There are limited things to do in Surin, you are about 25 minutes from Patong where the major shopping is but if you just want to lounge at the beach this is a perfect beach to do it at.

We did daily swimming, to the beach a few times, most dinners at beach side restaurants, many many cocktails and some beautiful scenery.  I definitely wont miss the hot

Our little swimmer did well, she loved getting into the ocean with Daddy and swimming every day with Granny and Grampa or Mum and Dad.  I think our first Asian Holiday with Baby was a success!

May '10

Last day of our holiday…

Day 21 of 22

Today was our last day in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.  It is really a great city and if you can pass through here on your way through Asia – you have to do it.  A 1st-World country, Malaysia is full of wonderful sights, excellent shopping, warm people and beautiful restaurants. It was the perfect place for our last stop!

dsc04981.JPGWe checked out the Petronis Twin Towers today.  We had done our research and found out that they give out 1000 tickets to go up to the sky deck each day (which is the platform that connects the two towers). 

They open at 8.30 am but the line actually starts forming around 6:30 am.  Its first come first serve and the tickets are free so if you get in line and want 100 tickets, you get 100 tickets.  Once they are all sold out, that’s it for the day.  Weird.  Why not sell tickets and have people go up in groups of 50 or something?! 

Anyway we set the alarm for 6.30 thinking we’ll get there at 7am and get in line, wait for 1-1/2 hours and get a good time slot for the day.  Alarm goes off, we quietly debate getting up and decide it’s just not worth it, and fall back asleep until 8.00am. 

We showed up at the towers at about 9.30 and of course the line was long, and they were already almost sold out.  Many would end up leaving with no tickets after standing in line for hours.

“Luckily” I say “there is a very nice mall under the towers, and we’ll just have to go there”.  We also caught another film today ‘Kick Ass’ and had a yummy lunch which included a couple Gold Mango Margaritas!

dsc04980.JPG dsc04982.JPG

And we did finish off our day of shopping there, and back at the other mall “The Pavillion”.  Birdie finally found things he wanted, a new work bag, some shirts, sunglasses, new flip-flops (thongs, you silly Australians) and some PS3 games. At the end he is happy that he got some things for himself and not just all for me.  I won’t tell you what I got for myself but, let’s just say it was a spree. 

Let’s recap the money conversion:

$1 AUD = $ .92 USD (US Dollar) = use as reference for my U.S. friends

$1 AUD = 29 THB (Thai Bhat) – @ 7-11 in Thailand a Cokes is 14 THB (.47 AUD)
$1 AUD = 17,500 VND (Viet Dong) – @ 7-11 in Vietnam a Coke is 6,000 VND (.35 AUD)
$1 AUD = 2.9 RM (Malaysian Ringget) – @ 7-11 in Malaysia a Coke is 1.8 RM (.63 AUD)

In Australia @ 7-11 a Coke costs $2 AUD

Going Home

I’m so happy to get home and see my furry children Spotty, and Mr “P”.  They have been looked after by our lovely house-sitters.  Only one more day kids and we’ll be home.  Can’t wait to get back to work with my friends and to show off all my new goodies 😉

Hope everyone enjoyed my blog this holiday.  We’re planning our next trip already for a short 4-day weekend at the Great Barrier Reef before the Christmas Holidays. 

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May '10

Kuala Lumpur (KL), Malaysia

Day 20 of 22

dsc04964.JPGWe are only here for 3 nights, so it’s going to be a quick in-and-out.  We are here purely for shopping and some quick sight seeing in the big and beautiful Aesan City.  Day one was purely shopping and visiting all of the shopping centers on the Golden Triangle, located in the area of our hotel, and walking distance for us. 

We’re in an excellent location and our hotel, is an older one but is very nice and has a great character.  I’d definitely recommend Dorestt Regency when you are in KL – great central location and excellent hotel for the money.

Our shopping spree today was mostly one-sided, I came out the winner today as Birdie was just unlucky finding exactaly what he wanted.  We ended up finishing up our day going to see Iron Man 2 at the cinema, and then went for dinner at a Mexican Cantina (which was pretty good).  We noticed that there were so many restaurants in the Pavillion Shopping Centre area – we’re looking forward to trying out something different for lunch and then again for dinner tomorrow.  As it got dark you could see the tips of the Petronas Towers lit up in the night, beautiful!

It’s my hope that Birdie finds what he’s looking for in our shop tomorrow. 

And we’re going sight seeing as well!  Check back tomorrow for more pictures.

Here are our shots from today:

dsc04955.JPG dsc04956.JPG dsc04977.JPG dsc04978.JPG dsc04957.JPG dsc04961.JPG dsc04962.JPG dsc04963.JPG dsc04966.JPG dsc04970.JPG dsc04971.JPG dsc04972.JPG dsc04975.JPG dsc04976.JPG dsc04974.JPG

May '09

Costco in Melbourne “UPDATE”

30 May 2009

Well, my friend Dawn (also from Cali) was driving down the freeway a couple days ago and saw that Costco now has their roof!  It’s almost time to open, only a month to go!!!


4 May 2009 

It’s a miracle, the new Costco is coming to Melbourne and their office is open!  We went today, took a train and a tram down to the Docklands where the new Costco is being built.  It is near the big observation wheel (that is currently out of commission) and the new shopping centre at the Docklands.  I can’t even say how exciting it was to think that the store is opening here.  I had a chat with the staff in the office and they tell me that we will definitely get all the same products INCLDUING eye glasses, tires (here called tyres), photo lab, etc.  Produce and meat will be sourced locally and things like the bakery will be internal.  I’m really looking forward to some good options.  One thing about Australia is that because there are so few people here they miss out on “selection” there’s one kind of mouthwash, three kinds of toothpaste brands, we’re just missing out on so much!  So, I am happy to say WELCOME COSTCO to Melboune, our first Australian store! 


Open 7-days a week, the store at Docklands is at the observation wheel tram stop from 9am – 6pm.  Get your card today!  YAY!!!!


Just being built, the store opens in July 2009!!!


Observation Wheel at the Docklands