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Jul '09

Transoesophageal Echocardiography Test

Pathology Reports ~ Update!!

The pathology reports back from the Lung Biopsy show that the Vascilitis is indeed Wegener’s Granulomatosis. So we are on the right track with the treatment, we’ve started the steroids used for Wegener’s so we are on the right track for treatmrnt forward.  Not out of the woods yet! 

The tubes are quite large and are held in with suction. Yesterday the suction was turned off and when gravity takes over the remainder of the lung begins to drain out the “bad stuff”.  Lets just call it “bad stuff” for now. I have no effing idea what it really is – the vasculitis, toxins, junk? Doctors just came round to evaluatem my lung drainage… and there is still some bubbles between my lung and where the lung should be sitting.  After they deflated the air from my lung during the biopsy the process of getting it reflated (is that a word… Dawn?) is a process of streghtening the lung, doing deep breathing excercises and getting the lungs fully inflated (thats the word!).

Looking like 2-more days before the tubes from my lungs and chest can be removed and I can move on to working on the other ‘problems’ I’m facing… heart scan (possibly Tuesday), returning to work, the finger removal, returning to LIFE, etc.

Sunday, 19 July 2009


Got a visit from the Baby Birdies Mum and Dad -Amanda and Brad.  Baby Harry and I had our best visit ever, he was so cute, laughed and smiled at me and let me hold him.  Happy auntie Lainey – heres a quick snap with my phone, I swear he looks just like Amanda, big brown eyes and brilliant smile.  This visit was very nice and made my day today!  It’s so nice to get a full weekend of visitors it sure made my weekend go by fast this time!  Knock wood that this is my last weekend in here!  Can’t wait to see the little ones back on their own homefront in their new house on their  own turf.  Really, I just can’t wait to see the new house!!!  So excited with the new kitchen and everything!  Here’s my little nephew Harry on his visit with me at the hospital.

Baby Spot gets his first bath

It so sucks that I can’t be home to see my new puppy’s first’s.  Bidie gave Spot his first bath today, which I heard he needed…  luckily he got some great pictures for me to blog about something new.  Thank gawd… cause the blog’s been depressing s of late, eh?  So cute puppy pictures for today.

!first-bath-5.jpg first-bath-4.jpg

 first-bath2.jpg first-bath3.jpg 

first-bath1.jpg first-bath.jpg

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Transoesophageal Echocardiography (TOE)

The TOE is an invasive echo test provides the doctor the very best soundwave (ultrasound) pictures of the heart. It evaluates heart chamber size and pumping action, valve appearance and function and the blood flow through the heart. The ultrasound images of your heart are taken from your oesophagus (food pipe) which lays next to the back of the heart. TOE provides vastly superior picture quality compared to echo pictures obtained from the chest surface, where the picture quality may be variable quality. There is much less interference to sound wave travel from the oesophagus into the heart compared to travel from the chest surface, through the chest wall and lungs into the heart.

The study uses a similar method as looking down into the stomach. The back of your throat is numbed with a xylocaine local anaesthetic gargle. You will be fitted with a mouthguard. An intravenous tube (IV) will be placed in your arm to sedate you (please note sedate means you are still fully aware). The sedation medicine is given to make you very relaxed. After you are very relaxed and possibly asleep (not), the TOE probe is placed gently into your mouth and passed down your oesophagus to the area close to the heart. When the probe is in the right place, the soundwave pictures are taken. After the test is completed, the probe is removed and the IV is taken out of your arm. You then stay for two hours before you can go home. I will not be going home the same day from what I hear we are awaiting word on the status of the finger.  I’m starting to get queasy about putting a new finger picture up as it is quite disturbing.  The finger situation has somewhat changed, only in that to get better final results in look and length of the remaining piece of finger – we need to let thegood parts of skin continue to heal.  The most good skin we can retain means the longer and more normal the finger will look at the end. 

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