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Jul '09

Surgery success

Finger Amputation 

If you want to call half of a missing finger success, well then it is.  The dead hurting part is is gone and the feeling is starting to come back now after the surgery.  I am starting to have some phantom pain in my finger – they are all wrapped up in a bandage with the three good ones hanging out (I guess so I can type with 7 fingers).  When I try to bend the fingers I can feel the one that is missing  in it’s entirety and it’s a little itchy on the finger nail… that isn’t there. 

 loss-finger2.jpg loss-finger1.jpg

So the bandages don’t come off till at least Monday – so it won’t be quite as confronting until then – I can see it’s gone,  I can sure feel it’s gone (sometimes) but I haven’t had to look at it yet.  I’m sure I’ll have another little cry about it – then, well… get on with it.  I’ve already noticed it’s easier to hold my coffee cup without that annoying finger in the way, ha-ha.

Perm Cath Insertion Today ~ Plasma Pheresis Treatment

The permanent catheter went in today, deep under the skin next to my clavicle bone on the right side below my shoulder.  It has access to take blood and give injections. This is how I will get my treatments for Plasma “Exchange” Pheresis.  Plasma Pheresis treatments also start today and right now I am sitting at a dialysis machine that can also be used for plasma exchange.  Its quite interesting – they’ve explained to me how the machines work but bugger it if you think I can explain it back to you.   Here’s what the machine looks like – you can see my blood travelling through, getting clean.


In better news…

I have been approved for a day-pass out of the hospital on Saturday and on Sunday so I can spend the day with my husband and get out of this place after 4-long trying weeks. I’m back in bed here each night so they don’t give my bed away – and back on Monday to finish my treatment, and then they will try to do the TOE Hart Scan on Monday , again after it has been rescheduledabout a million times.  The TOE Heart Scan is used to confirm that I “do not” have Endocarditis, or problems with the heart.  Once we rule that out we can cease antibiotics and continue with the steroids and Plasma Pheresis treatments . 

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