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Jul '09

Days off from the hospital

It’s been a long four weeks in hospital and with all the surgeries and treatments it has been quite a busy time for me.  I had discussed with my doctor leaving for good on Friday or Saturday.  In the process of agreeing to do the plasma pheresis treatment, it was agreed that I would have a day-pass on Saturday and Sunday to be with Rod.  Unfortunately my diabetes isn’t cooperating which is my hold up this, Sunday, morning. Doesn’t mean I’m not going home today, just means that there’s always a hold up.  The mentality around here – hospitals in general – is that people can’t take care of themselves.  Looking around at my roommates for the past 4-weeks, most over 70, a lot over 90, it’s understandable. 

But as a 39-year old woman that has had diabetes for 11-years – when I leave here I am obviously going to have to take care of myself. If I had checked out on Friday I would have been having to deal with my blood sugars at home today alone… doesn’t matter, they don’t have handcuffs here I hear – so when 10am rolls around, good blood sugar number or not, I’m outta here, man.

Yesterday we just stayed home, and cuddled on the couch, watched a little footy and Law & Order… and played with the furry children.  Spot has definitely gotten bigger since I moved in to the hospital, after four weeks he’s as big as our 8-year old cat Pete and soon he will overtake him in size.

Heres my pics with the furry family from Saturday. 

 spot-jacket.jpg pete-laundry.jpg spot-head-shot.jpg pete-day-off.jpg


Yesterday was more relaxing, today, Sunday we are going to do a movie – Transformers (which we’ve been waiting to see!) and we’ll catch some lunch and just be together.

I’m so grateful to have a partner like Birdie, who loves me so much, and who I know will be there through everything.  These challenges in out life certainly make our love and relationship stronger.  Birdie’s family, as well, my in-laws, sister- and brother-in-law, little niece and nephew and our friends… everybody has been so great!  I couldn’t ask for more support.  Even my friends from home, on Facebook, and my dedcated blog readers (yes, that means you), have been helpful in my contiued recovery.

And I can’t forget to thank everyone at work, my Agency and my current employer that have been so supportive in being away so long and still knowing that I have a job to go back to.  As a self-employed person this is definitely a worry I don’t want to have to be thinking about while I am strugggling in the hospital.  Thanks to Blair, Jas, Andrea, Janelle, Catherine, Mat and Mary-Anne – without you guys I’d be a mess!

Thank you to everyone.  I’m about to go out for the day then I will be back in the hospital for as few more days for treatment and one last procedure (TOE Heart Scan Monday morning).   I can’t wait to be cleared to go home!

I’m off!

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