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Jul '09

Home Sweet Home

Well, finally discharged on Monday – I’ve been home for a couple nights now.  It’s good to be back in my own home again.  I have to realise that we only lived in our new house for 2-weeks before I went into hospital – I was gone for 4-5 weeks and now I’m back!  I still can’t find my way to the bathroom in the middle of the night – it’s all still too new getting around in the dark! 

I have a bit of outpatient treatment to go in the next few weeks, today is my last blood transfusion (thank gawd), but my red blood cell count has been quite low with the plasma pheresis treatments.  Without the blood transfusions I am quite drained, tired, and really unable to function appropriately.  Friday is my last plasma pheresis treatment, in an effort to remove the plasma from my blood replacing it with good plasma – all in an effort to increase circulation to my fingers and reduce the numbing in some if my fingers.

The next 6-months are going to be my test, with my medication it makes it harder to fight off infection (auto-immune), so after I hit the remission marker I will be able to come off the drugs and return to life as normal!

In the interim, my brain is becomming mush!  I can’t wait to get back to work and being busy again.  I’m going back to work on Monday, and I can’t wait to get going again. It will be nice to see my co-workers again and to provide them with the support they’ve been missing with me gone from the team.  Everyone has been so supportive during this difficult time. 

So, I’ll be updating on the blog here and there with medical information however I hope that my life can return to normal and my blog as well! 

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