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Dec '09

Recipe: Chocolate Covered Cherries and Strawberrys

choc.JPGHere’s an easy treat for Chrissy – take melted dark or milk chocolate and dip in your favourite fruit!  These are my treats for the family Christmas Lunch this year…


Yea, more recipies coming this Christmas season, and my Mother keeps complaining I post too many pictures of food on my blog – but food makes me “melt”.  Looooove chocolate covered cherries, and we are lucky enough to be able to find Maraschino Cherries here in Australia (Maxi Foods). 

Unfortunately they don’t have my very favourite: Chocolate Covered Cherry Cordials – which for you Aussies that haven’t tried them are: maraschino cherry surrounded by a liquid center covered in milk chocolate or dark chocolate. 

Cherry without coconut is unheard of in Oz, but I’m telling you it’s fabo!

How to make your own Chocolate Covered Cherry’s

     ~ 1 – 600 g bag tempered or melting chocolate
     ~ 1 jar maraschino cherrys

Heat chocolate in a pan on low until melted, or use microwave on increments of 1-minute until melted.  Dip fruit and lay on baking paper to harden.  Keep refrigerated until ready to serve! 


See Mom… looks yummy huh?

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