My Life Abroad: The Adventures of Two Birds
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Apr '10

I’ve always dreamed of a birthday in the woods…

And my 40th to boot!

I’ll have to say that our annual Easter Camping Trip was a great success this year, my 40th was an event for sure!  Crazy pinata, many late night card games, booze, swimming dogs, an easter egg hunt, booze, the best velvet cake ever, some more booze… a quick dance break, and more booze.

We had a wonderful time this year and had many more join us.  A total of 12 adults, 1 child, and 3 dogs!


We got our most fabulous campsite: Johnstone’s Creek which is about 3 hours away from Melbourne in the bushland of Australia. It was beautiful as always.

This was Spot’s first trip and he got his first swim in the creek, it was also his first time out with the girls Lily and Daisy – Dawn’s two Jack Russel’s.  They all seemed to get along well for all being off leash and free to roam.  I can’t say I enjoyed Spot sleeping on our camping bed with us – he tend’s to steal the covers.

Heres some quick picks from our weekend.  Was great to have everyone along this year.  Thanks for making my birthday so great!

sign.JPGcampsite-new.JPG dsc04145.JPG dsc04144.JPG dsc04147.JPG dsc04146.JPGdsc04160.JPG  dsc04157.JPG dsc04149.JPG dsc04152.JPG alexeggs.JPG campkitchen.JPG sleepy-rod.JPG

Most memorable moments…

1. A quick “dance break” from helping the ladies play cards by Alex, prompted many additional dance breaks throughout the night

2. Keeping the neighbouring camp (about 100 meters away) up through the night with our music resulted in honking horns and a few birds flying at 6am

3. A pinata with way way too much candy

4. Spots first deep water swim (deep for him is up to my knees)

5. Having all my bestest friends around to celebrate my 40th with.

Special thanks to Dawn and Norelle for putting together the “party” part of the birthday weekend, it was a blast.

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