My Life Abroad: The Adventures of Two Birds
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Dec '10

Home for the Holidays

About 3-days from now, we’ll be having our last drink and stepping on the plane.  Three more days of work, and I’m so busy at work right now I can’t actually believe that I’m taking 3-weeks off right now.  Hey, I’m not going to complain though.  It’s been 2-years since I’ve been to California and although my Mom visited last November, it will be good to be home with her… especially following her horrible medical state this year.  It’s definitely one of the difficult things being away from ones family.  I suppose I’m lucky to have such great in-laws here in Australia.

Today we’re preparing for the trip.  Going from summer to winter is a stretch, lots of bulky packing.  The house is all clean and ready for the house-sitter and I just can’t wait to get outta here!

sn.jpgOur first weekend home we’ll be arriving in San Francisco and making a quick drive to Sacramento to check-in at Mom’s house and spend Thursday night.  Then we’re off to Chico, California (my old college/home town) for a weekend with my old friends.  

We’ve planned a lunch at Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. and to meet our friends for a weekend get together a bit of beer, pool, and camaraderie. I’m so looking forward to my first sip of Pale Ale and the smell of the Tap Room, the most beautiful hops. 


It’s another thing I miss about California.  The lack of microbrewrey’s here in Melbourne is sinful.  No beer festivals, no seasonal or specialty beers, it saddens me.  My Melbournian friends, while I’m in Chico I’ll have a nice cold beer for you, or 10.

On Sunday we’ll leave Chico and take the 1-hour drive back to Sacramento to catch our first of four King’s games.  This of course is Birdy’s favourite NBA Team (Sacramento Kings).  The Live games (as opposed to ESPN) are pretty fun, I’m looking forward to this.  

And then my brother, Adam, will arrive to spend a week with the family. 

Stay tuned, as always we will start off our trip with Day 1 of 21 on the blog and work our way through the holiday with updates and each ‘day in pictures’.

Happy Birthday Adam, I love you.

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