My Life Abroad: The Adventures of Two Birds
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Dec '10

Our trip to California

Family and Sierra Nevada Brewery

Going home to Chico was fun as always, we got to see so many friends – it seemed like everyone came out of the woodwork for the night.  Some that never come out to the bars even… and thank you for that everybody.  I had a great time.  The Sierra Nevada Brewery was great, we always love going there, and we met up with my friend Liz, her boyfriend Cody and baby Gavin. The cheesecake was yummy!!  We also made a special trip to see Kahlua, Marie & Leanne.  As always the Sierra Nevada Brewery was great, on our second trip with John and Jackie, and Dustin we tried the beer sampler of all the Sierra Nevada beers in a short taster glass each. 

brew1.bmpbrew-sampler1.jpg brew-sampler2.jpg brew5.jpg 

brew_john.jpg brew9.jpg brew2.jpg  

             brew8.jpg   brew7.jpg   brew3.jpg  

NBA Basketball 

During our trip we went to a few Sacramento Kings basketball games, and we had some nosebleed seats, and some floor seats.  We also got a close up of Andrew Bogut (the Australian player on the Bucks).


 bogut.jpg kings3.jpg kings5.jpg kings4.jpg kings7.jpg kings8.jpg kings9.jpg kings2.jpg kings6.jpg

Christmas at the Hay house

We’ve spent the week shopping, and going out for some fun dinners while in Sacramento.  With Mom and friends, we’ve had a good time! Were settling down a little for Christmas then back on to the shopping, and all the after Christmas sales.  We had Gramma, and my cousin Lavette, my brother Adam and girlfriend Kat, and Mom, and the dog Raider (yes Mom is a Raiders fan). It was nice to be home with the family this year for Christmas, hoping to catch up with a bit more family and some friends before we head on to New York City for New Years Eve and 5-days of sight seeing.  Stay tuned for pics of our New Years Eve events!

maderes1.jpg hot-wings4.jpg hot-wings3.jpg hot-wings2.jpg hot-wings1.jpg 

Our Christmas Day


mom-lavette.jpg pressys.jpg santa-hats.jpg rods-beer-present.jpg xmas6.jpg raider.jpg tree.jpg xmas3.jpg xmas4.jpg xmas1.jpg xmas2.jpg xmas-dinner.jpg

Merry Christmas everyone!

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