My Life Abroad: The Adventures of Two Birds
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Apr '11

Patong Beach, Thailand

Its been a worldwind, as always, getting over here but now that we’re here we’re trying to relax and enjoy our holiday time.  Today we’ve been off to ‘You & Me’ for lunch, then to the spa for some pampering.  ‘You and Me’ is a little street restaurant outside of the Holiday Inn in Phuket, we went there with the family when we came here on our trip with the Birds in 2008.  Its the place that has Birdie’s favourite Tom Yum Soup.  After our late arrival last night we skipped brekky and met up for lunch there.  I had the calamari with garlic and pepper and it was yummy!


Following breakfast we headed off to the spa and while the boys got an hour foot and leg massage, Norelle and I got a thai pedicure and then a massage.  I’ve been waiting for this since we booked this trip.  I love the spa we go to here and they didnt’ dissappoint.  I’ll be going back daily.  1-hour thai oil massage is 500 Bhat (or $15 Australian dollars/$14 USD), its incredibly cheap but the best quality I’ve ever had.  Ahhh, how I love it here.

Our first hotel, we’re staying here for about 7-days is in Patong Beach, Phuket.  Were just off of Bangla Road (the main hub for bars and clubs), and about 2 blocks from the beach.   We’ve opted to get a pool access room at the 6-month old Kee Resort.  So our room opens up to a small balcony that has steps into the pool, its great that you dont have to walk out the pool and you can just roll out of bed right into the pool each morning. 


It’s only day two so we still have shopping to do, things to see, snorkelling and lots more eating too.  We’re hoping to also book a cooking class, and a elephant trek.  Check back for more soon.

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