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Apr '11

Elephant Trek at Big Buddha

It’s been so hot out here, we spend a bit of the day in the pool relaxing and cooling off.  We have been doing a bit of shopping around and we frequented my favourite china shop today, with handpainted works… dishes, cups, tea pots, vases, etc.  This time I bought a beautiful urn to add to the house and decorate with a number of my other Thai goodies – hopefully it will be a great addition to our home renovations. 


I’ve been taking some shots with the new camera, Birdie got me an Digital SLR for my 41st and I’m trying to learn how to use it. 

I’m still learning, I love my new camera!!

The Elephant Trek day started out with breakfast at the hotel, there’s an array of american breakfast as well as asian options.  Each day has something a little different, but always good.  We usually meet for brekky at 9am so we get a good sleep, then start out on the day.  For the Elephant Trek we got a pick up via bus at the hotel and headed off up the hill around past Kata Beach, into the mountains in southern Phuket.  We started with a 30 minutes ride on the elephants, I’m a bit afraid of heights especially when your going down a steep slope on the back of a big arse elephant.  I got  pics of our partners in crime, Lawrence and Norelle, but there are non of us until I can get the small camera downloaded… here’s some of my best pics… see more by clicking the photo album at the bottom of this blog post.


Following the Elephant Trek we were taken up to the Big Buddha statue at the top of the hill.  There are quite a few of these big monuments to Buddha in Thailand, they are sometimes accompanied by a temple, and some are monumental prayer spots.  The Thai Buddha is my very favourite and I am a big fan of Buddhism.  Here’s to obtaining enlighteningment…


And smaller gold Buddha monument at the site…


Check out the photo album here: Thailand 2011 – Photo Album

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