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Apr '11

Stopover at Cape Panwa

We finished up our 7 days in Phuket town, Patong Beach and now we’ve arrived at Cape Panwa about :45 min north up the coast.  Cape Panwa has a very beautiful and secluded beach, we’re staying in serviced apartments so we have little one bedroom apartments with kitchettes and washing machines, it’s a nice change from a hotel room.  Place to have a meal, lounge room, deck, we room to hang out and play cards, or just hang out.  There’s not much in the way of shops here but there are some good restaurants and everything is near the beach.

Were here at Cape Panwa for just a quick 4-day stopover to relax a bit before we head back toward Phuket town to the Kathu Beach area.  The serviced apartments are very nice, they have character and function which is what we needed mid-trip.


Our last five days will be in Kathu Beach where we plan to do a Cooking Class.  Many of you that know Birdie is a lover of his chef-ery duties and learning how to make authentic Thai dishes is something he reallly loves.  On our last trip to Thailand we visited Koh Samui and the Samui Institute of Thai Culinary Arts and learned to make a beautiful red curry with Chicken.  Anyone that is thinking to heading off to the Island of Samui can get a list of great things to see and do there, we’ve been there twice and I love it.  Unfortunately just a week or so before this trip Samui was hit with flash flood so we were unable to go.  This time around I am looking to learn how to make spring rolls (egg rolls for you Americans), the rolling part is always a problem for me.  And possibly a green curry with prawns.

Tomorrow we’re booked in for snorkeling at Raya & Coral Island, we will get there by speedboat and spend the day travelling to a couple different islands for snorkeling with a stop over for lunch at Patek Bay.  Check back for more pictures of our snorkeling excursion.

Check out the photo album here: Thailand 2011 – Photo Album

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