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Jun '11

Medical Update: A maybe not-so-quick trip back to the Hosptial

I knew we’d get back here eventually.  I’ve been admitted back to hospital, the Royal Melbourne Hospital, with pulmonary hemorrhage associated with my Wegener’s Granulomatosis condition.  You can read more about Wegener’s on wikipedia (  Unfortunately, with this condition it doesn’t ever really go away, instead, similar to Cancer it can go into remission and not appear for years at a time. 

I was first diagnosed in 2009, and after 8 months of oral chemo Ive been in remission for over a year.  I’m assuming its a recent cold and cough that really got my lungs worked up this time.  Seems like everyone at work has had this cold.  Due to the immunosuppressants I take – my lungs just didn’t hold up.  I’m hoping that because I’m not feeling sick, other than bleeding lungs, that this treatment of high dose intravenous steroids and antibiotics will get me back t normal and we can avoid the chemo regime again.

I am scheduled for macrosteriods and antibiotics to be delivered intravenously for 3 days in order to shrink the bleeding in my lungs, if all goes well I may avoid a Bronchoscopy and be able to be discharged on Sunday with some follow up treatment.  So, I sit in my little hospital bed, awaiting a visit from my husband in about :30 minutes (he’s bringing my pillow from home), looking out the window of the 9th floor Ward at the city scape and a big Australian flag.  I can see my work building from here… so now I’ll check my work email and keep from being so bored!

Speaking of the medical system in Australia, I must make my comments now.  All Australians are guaranteed a ‘medicare card’ and they are entitled to medical coverage by the Government irrespective of having a job or health care insurance through work.  I have health care insurance as a back up to my medicare privileges. As a hospital inpatient you have the option of being admitted to a Public Hospital, or a Private.  Private means out of pocket expenses and although you have a private room, you can be charged for items that are sometimes covered by your health care insurance (but sometimes are not).  Last time and this time I have gone Public.  Public means that 100% of my stay, bed fees, doctor fees, and hospital expenditures are covered by Medicare.  You can’t beat that.  I happen to have a private room this stay, which is nice and private for blogging and working, or staying up late to watch TV, and I have full reign of the medical staff on call at no cost to me.  Good Times.  There’s alot to be said for a health care system that works.  And I’m saying it here!

Thanks to everyone for your kind words and prayers, it’s with your support and friendship that I am able to keep on keeping on, live and love my life, and share it with you.

Update tomorrow!  See you then.

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