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Aug '07

My trip to Tasmania

Ah, back home…


It was damn cold in Tassie.  The day I left to come back to Melbourne it was 1 degree C/32 degree F.  I was freezing my butt off with my winter coat and my flip-flops.  I like to wear flip-flops on the plane because I dont have to take off my shoes to get scanned for bombs or sharp objects.  I might switch to socks and Crocs. 

Tasmania was great. It’s on the water and the pier was in walking distance.  In addition to the pier were tons of fresh seafood places. I grabbed myself some fish and chips one night. Yummy. 

The pier was a nice walk and the town is pretty small and quaint.  My hotel was called the Macquarie Manor and was designed by the renouned colonial architect Henry Hunter for Dr. Richard Bright, circa 1875.  This B&B has been recently lovingly restored and converted to offer first class Heritage Accommodation.  Most of the buildings were built in the 1800’s and there is plenty of history here.  I liked my B&B, I had a cute room with a single bed.

macquiremanor.jpg macquiremanor2.jpg

I didn’t have a lot of time to do sightseeing with the amount of work that had to be done during the day.  The two Healthscope hospitals I visited were beautiful and the staff were great. I had a wonderful time.  To see more pictures from my trip to Tasmania, click on the 2007 Hobart, Tasmania album from the PHOTO ALBUMS link from the Pages menu on the right.

Updated Photo Album

Recently we lost a lot of our pictures, in the neighbourhood of 700 photos. Luckily I have been keeping my favourites online in blog format.  Our pictures were lost with our laptop that died a couple months ago. I hadn’t had time to link up all the pictures we had left to this new blog, so finally I have found the time and updated ALL our pictures.  Click on the PHOTO ALBUM link from the Pages menu on the right.  Our newest photo albums include the Hobart, Tasmania the Gwen Stefani Concert, and Hartog Wedding.

Upcoming Business Trips

It’s unfortunate that my trips have been pushed back about 2-weeks due to my pneumonia and another 2-weeks due to technical problems with the software.  I’ll be posting a new travel schedule soon, check back to see where I’ll be going next!


Mental Status:  Overworked this week. Missed my Birdie.
Book:“The Thomas Berryman Number” by James Patterson.  Still working on this one.
Song:  Foundations – Kate Nash (UK)
New Bands you MUST check out:
     UFO – Sneaky Sound System (UK)
     Precious Time – The Maccabees (UK)
     Opinions won’t keep you warm at night – Kisschasey (Australia)
    *note: Kiss Chasey is a childhood game in Australia, of chasing and kissing.
Best Thing this Week:  Deciding to take my Mum and Brother on a hot air baloon over Melbourne during their upcoming visit in March!

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