My Life Abroad: The Adventures of Two Birds
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Aug '07

Going, going… GONE!

We had quite an adventure today.  The house that Birdie and his brother grew up in, the house that his family has lived in for some 36+ years was put on the market about a month ago.  Today was the big Auction.  Now, home auction is not prevelent in the U.S. but here it is the way they do things. And if I might say, it’s a pretty damn good way to do it.  This should definitely be added to my America v. Australia top ten list.

auction.jpgAdvertising took about a month to 3-weeks, and the auction day was set.  When we drove up today there were over 200 people gathered around the outside of the house. During the advertising stages you can arrange a walk-thru and also on the day of the auction there is an open-house where all bidders can walk thru and take a last look.  Birdie’s parents put a reserve price of $597,000 on the house to start – essentially the minimum they would take for the house.  The relator supplies a professional auctioneer to run the proceedings and today the bidding started at $400,000.  Yikes!  Well under the reserve, but someone had to get it all started, the next bid was $500,000. 

sale1.jpgLocation is key in this type of sale, this is an upscale neighbourhood, with a very good Elementary (Primary) school in walking distance, Rod and his brother both attended Doncaster Primary. Additionally, there is one of the best mall’s around about 10 minutes walk up the street.  Not only is it one of the best but it is under construction now to double in size and on it’s way to becoming the largest in Melbourne.  There are many other ammenities in this area as well.

From $400K to $600K it jumped quite quickly, and then between about four bidders in 5K incriments the bidding continued. $640,000…. $660,000… $675.000… then a quick jump to $720,000.  I think the bidder jumping from $675 to $720 thought that would be a knock-out bid, but it went on and sold at $770.000.  Quite amazing! This house has 4-bedrooms, 2-bath, basement storage, wonderful landscaping, and has been owned by the same residents for over 36 years and it’s very well cared for.

It’s an exciting time to make well over the price you expect, Birdie’s parents were so pleased. With tax and title they are making a change to a 3-bedroom 2-bath NEW home in a neighbouring suburb and pocketing a bit of money as well.

Dad took us out for a celebratory dinner at our “favourite restaurant” The Golden Dragon Palace. It was lovely and we had a lot of fun drinking, eating mounds of food, and chatting.  This place has excellent service, wonderful food, and a beautiful atmosphere.  My entree was salt and pepper calamari:


 We had champagne, some excellent wine, and we shared the following main dishes around the table with Birdie’s parents and his Brother and wife Amanda.  Baramundi with fish sauce, Imperial scallops with snow peas, Fried filet steak with Mandarine sauce, Pork with Mandarine sauce, King Prawns, Fried Rice, Crispy Skin Chicken, Singapore Noodles, and Peking Duck!  It was an incredible feast. I  know that my Mother loved this restaurant when we took her here, it’s just fabulous.

mum_dad_dragon.jpg dinner_dragon.jpg

It has been a big day for the family. We were so glad to be able to share this experience with Mum and Dad. They are just so happy and we are looking forward to seeing the brand new house they bought only a few kilometers away.


Mental Status:  I’m so in love with my husband.  I’m a happy girl.
Book:“What you wear can change your life” by Trinny Woodall and Susannah Constantine.
Best Thing this Week:  Working on the 20-year Reunion Budget and making arrangements.  I’m getting excited now.

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