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Jul '11

Medical Update July 11

Doctors Update Today

Got word from the doc today that all the meds are doing their job and stabilizing my Wegener’s! It’s great news that I will continue on my current medicaiton regimine and not progressing to stronger drugs, which I’m not sure my body can handle at the moment. So I’m on the slow decrease of drugs and continuing with weekly blood tests so that we can monitor the progress. I’m coping with my bloated steroid body and looking forward to rest and relaxation this weekend before I head back to work on Monday. Working is definitely something that is a struggle for me at the moment, but sitting at home in bed just is’t me.

Pills, pills and more… pills

It’s been a tough couple weeks since I was admitted to hopspital with a Wegener’s relapse, resulting in a pulmonary hemorriage, bleeding in the lungs.

During my admission they gave me IV Predinolone, and these kind of steroids really bloat out your enitre body. I’v become a literal windbag – looks like I’ve gained 20 kilos in just a couple weeks. In addition I’m now taking so much of the oral prednisolone and other drugs that my body is not coping well.

I’ve reverted to working one day from home now as I can’t physically make it through the work week with getting up, ready, and the hour commute to the city each way it’s been pretty stressful.

For now the medication is changing, less Prednisolone from today, and more Imuran both which stabalises my auto immune disease and also supresses bone marrow, it allows for fewer opportunitstic infections. Once we know that my Wegener’s is stabalised we will start to decrease both medications until I am in remission.

We’re still on hold for IVF. We still have a few more tries, but will need to wait at least 6-months (or longer) for this episode to pass before I can see if I will be ready to give it another go.

I’m getting over another cold, and I think I can avoid going to the hospital again this time. I’m just looking forward to taking my lovely meds and staying as healthy as I can until I am in remission. All bloating aside… I have a lot to look forward to in life, my husband, family and friends are so supportive. Love to everyone in that has been there for me and tries to understand what I am going through. It’s not easy but I’m still here. That’s something to be thankful for.

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