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Sep '07


Thanksgiving 2007

We are getting ready again for our 2nd Annual Thanksgiving and we’re looking forward to sharing this year wtih our closest family and friends.  It just gets so hard to have too many people here on such a big day – last year we had to rent tables and chairs and it was pretty hard to coordinate.  This year we are really slimming it down and focusing on giving thanks when some of our family are far away and so many are still fighting in a selfish power struggle overseas.

A Beautiful Hawaiian Wedding

jewellswedding2.jpgWe were lucky enough to visit with my long-time friend Julie C. and her fiancee Steve at their beautiful home in Long Beach on our trip to the US earlier this year.  They had been planning a Hawaiian wedding for some time, Steve’s family is from Hawaii and they wanted a tropical ceremony.  The pictures are beautiful!  I wish we didn’t live so far at times like this – we are so happy to see Julie happy. She told me teh wedding was fabulous and that she couldn’t have asked for a better day.

Jules is one of the most fun and loving people I know and I was so pleased when she and Steve got together. We are looking forward to seeing them in Long Beach again when we visit in August next year on our trip back for my 20-Year High School Reunion. 

We were lucky enough to meet Steve for the first time during our visit and Juels & Steve took very good care of us when we were there. We are hoping for a visit to Australia from the happy couple in the upcoming years before we move back to the States.  Yeah! I said it we ARE moving back eventually.  Birdie should have the opportunity to live overseas just like I got the opportunity by coming to live with him here in Australia. Look out, it’s only a few years away.  Then you can all come visit us in….  VEGAS!  Weeee!

Here are some shapshots from the ceremony, from the rosepetal walkway, to the scenic cliff where they were married.  This last little picture is a classic “Jules” move, I can just hear her scream “WOO HOO” with her arm in the air when they announced they were married!  We are so happy for you both and we send our love.

jewellswedding4.jpg jewellswedding.jpg jewellswedding5.jpg jewellswedding6.jpg jewellswedding3.jpg

Work Travel – it begins again!

Just when you think that Birdie and I will have time to spend together – I’m off for work travel. But this next week it’s Birdie’s turn, as he is off to Adelaide for the week and then I head off to start my training regimine in New South Wales.  Sydney as a matter of fact. I’m very excited to finally see the Sydney Opera House and the city in general. I’m hoping my Melzie can join me for a fun girls weekend in Sydney.  I will be blogging and posting as I go so check back and get the scoop on where to go in Sydney. I’ll be trying some shopping out for starters, and we’ll see how it goes from there. Here’s my map of Australia so you can figure out where Adelaide and Sydney are on the map compared to Melbourne.  Not too far away but any bit away from Birdie is too far really.


Other rants and stuff

Oh my. I really used to love MySpace. I know some of you are on MySpace, and you probably like it.  I kept hearing about Facebook and I thought I’m not gonna do another one of these make your own page space things.  But, I looked at it and that was about it.  Facebook completely rocks.  It’s much more interactive, I play scrabble with my friends in multi-day games, I only accept my real “live” friends and nobody can see my profile unless I approve them.  I like it, much more personal and a better way to share things like pictures with friends and family.  And, well… my cousins are on Facebook so I get to see pics of the kids and find out what they’re up to.

My mom is on a cruise at the moment, she was suppose to be going to Amsterdam and visiting with my old friend Michael D. from high school.  She is going to England, around the UK and some other wonderful places and I cannot wiat to hear how everything went on her trip.  She should be back in a few days.

Nothing else greatly interesting happening except getting ready for my upcoming travel, I will be three weeks in Sydney and then back home for a week before I am on to Queensland in the Surfers Paradise/Brisbane area. I’m getting some colour work done on my tat this week, and I started a new diet in preparation for our Thailand holiday in June. 


Mental Status: Feeling pretty good, working a lot and preping to go back out on the road again.
Book: “The Thomas Berryman Number” by James Patterson.  Still working on this one.
Weight monitor: This week lost: 2 kg. (5lbs) ~ Total lost: 2 kg. (5lbs)
New thing online:
Song:  Daydreamer – by Adele <-listen here
Best Thing this Week: I really got into the Reunion planning this week posting links to purchase tickets online!

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