My Life Abroad: The Adventures of Two Birds
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Dec '11

Our Summer Getaway, back to Port Douglas, Queensland

Its so funny saying “summer” at Christmas time.  In the land of Oz its summer, it’s hot and humid, with frequent days of rain.  Our summer break is celebrated with Christmas Tree and barbecues. It’s a season for flip flops, prawns, and sunshine… it’s taken a long time to get used to a summer Christmas and we even tried to get away last year for Christmas and New Years to the cold weather (and big snow storms of New York City).  But this summer we are heading off to the best holiday destination amidst the sun and the ocean. We’ve been on this great “travel” kick over Christmas/New Years, last year we celebrated in New York City, and the year before in Koh Samui, Thailand.  This year is going to be better than ever!!

Going back to Queensland is a long time coming, it is the place that we went for our honeymoon and experienced the beauties of the most beautiful Ocean, the Great Barrier Reef.  It’s the place I did my first dives, and now we are going to dive together for the first time on a two week scuba trip.  I’m hoping to see some new parts of the reef this trip, we will dive in some deep ocean waters and some of the most amazing reef areas in Cairnes and Port Douglas.
Birdie has been working his way into being more comfortable with scuba diving, it is a completely different feeling, one of claustrophobia, being surrounded by water – it’s something I struggled with on my first dive.  We’ve been snorkeling a lot in the last couple years and explored the waters of Thailand, and Vietnam on many occasions.  Birdie is taking his certification course this time and we can finally dive together.  I’m very passionate about diving, it’s something I really love.  Being under the water, swimming with schools of barracuda, eel, clown fish, seeing the beauties of coral reef’s untouched, and the sea life that embodies it. It is truly…  amazing.

Our wonderful housesitter is coming to stay with the pups and we are heading out on Christmas afternoon, and staying through the New Year.  Check back here for our pictures and our adventures underwater on our summer getaway, back to Queensland.


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