My Life Abroad: The Adventures of Two Birds
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Apr '12

2012 – Annual Easter Campout

This year was a small afair with the Eagles family and the Birds.   We travelled out to our normal destination in Briagolong just past Sale, Victoria out east of Melbourne.  It’s our regular spot because in Australia most of the camping is “caravan park camping”.  Each tent 2-meteres from the next.  It’s like a bad case of clostrophobia.  Ask anyone, if they camp this is what they know.  It took a lot to find the place where we camp, the next camp site is kilometers up the road in either direction.  It means we can have a bonfire/campfire, play music as late as we want, drink and stay up until we’re ready to go to bed – nobody to bother, nobody to bother us.  Isnt this what camping should be?

This was Lulu (our puppy’s) first Easter camping trip and she did really well.  We are able to keep both dogs off their leads so they can run around, play, swim in the creek, and just be happy and enjoy the outdoors.  They had a great time.  As for the Eagles, little Alex started camping with us about 5 years ago, she was so little – now she’s 7 going on 12 – man they grow up fast!  Alex had a great time, gathering bark and sticks for the fire, swimming in the creek, and listening to her MP3 player.  The Easter bunny – who by the way is a regular white bunny with a blue ribbon and bell around the neck – came for a visit, with his easter basket that refills itself.  It left some nice chocolates for Alex!!

This seems like the only outdoor time we really get to spend, and I’m glad to spend it with the Eagles.  Just hanging out and enjoying a nice toasty fire on a cool night.

We also had some local friends visit that live in Sale, camping for one night and helping us cook a 2.5 kilo lamb in the dutch oven with some beautiful vegetables.  We love Norelle’s lamb roasts and the dutch oven right in the fire makes a great way to cook such a big piece of meat.




There’s just nothing like the Australian bush land.  I truly love the variety of landscape in this country.  From desert to rainforest, bushland to coral reefs, there’s just nothing that I can think of that compares.  It’s amazing that we have been able to travel so much throughout Australia and see such different parts of the country.  It makes me feel like I am more a part of the landscape when I am able  to interact.  Only a week or so until I fly up to Darwin for the weekend to be with Birdie.  He has been working up in Darwin for over 2-months and I’m going to take a couple days off to go up and see him there so he doesn’t have to fly home for the regular 1-1/2 day weekend he is allotted (which by the way is frikkin bogus, but I won’t go there…).

I’ll try to capture what Darwin is like in some photos during my upcoming visit.

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