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Oct '07

What exactaly is “blog-worthy”?

This is a funny thing, but I was telling my friend Brent at the Cricket Club a story about something that happened the other day and he spouts-off “Ah! That’s blog-worthy!”, I really just had to laugh.  Maybe it is, maybe not.  I’ve had a couple weird things happen on my trips to Sydney and I think I’d have to be on here every single day to share my entire life with the blog.  Can’t do it.  Blog-worthy or not, I’m gonna have to keep it to a minimum when it comes to my exciting life of stoires – ha ha, cause they really aren’t that exciting. Now the next story is blog-worthty!

New Addition to the Family

I do have to comment on my friends new baby girl Vera McCally.  As upset as I am that they didn’t actually name the baby after me – I did introduce them, and officiated their wedding you know – I have to post a cute picture of Vera here.  She looks JUST LIKE her parents, both of them – in different ways of course.  But mainly she is just as cute as a button. I am so happy for the McCallys, they are great!  And news is they just bought their first house… now I’m jealous!


She just looks like a bundle of love.  I have to say everytime I look at this picture of Vera it just makes me smile. All of you that know Josh & Stacie, they are just doing great and loving being parents.  I miss you guys!

Happy Birthday Gramma Hay

This weekend is my Gramma Hay’s 90th Birthday and I’m so sad I can’t be there. We sent along a gift wtih Mom and I am hoping that my cousin Greg is going to take some pictures I can post here on the blog for everyone to see. I’m looking forward to seeing how happy she will be.


Mental Status: Finally a week at home with Birdie, time to relax a bit before I go back on the road!
Movie of the Week: Saw Resident Evil 3: Extinction (6.5 stars) this weekend. It was pretty good, I haven’t seen 1 and 2 but I think I want to now, that Milla Jovovich is hot! It’s basically a zombie movie, from a realistic point of view. Unlike my favourite zombie movie Shawn of the Dead (8 stars), which is hilarious and by the same guys that made Hot Fuzz (also 8 stars). English humour – hilarious!
New Book: The Quickie by James Patterson – Started this and half-way through in one day, can’t really put the damn thing down, excellent as always.
Webpage of the Week: Rod’s Cricket Club Website that we are taking over this year.  We hope to spruce it up a bit and get it updated with some great new pictures and events from this and last year.

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