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May '14

Back from my blogging hiatus…

The long awaited return to my blog was prompted by my fellow blogger and very good friend TeeBiss.  Thanks for asking why I haven’t posted for over a year.  I do have a good reason, which I will explain through the course of this post. The last year, since Raegan’s birth has been incredibly busy!!  I never knew how stressful, worrisome, and difficult it would actually be.  But we’ve made it through year one, and I am ready to start blogging again. We started off with some bad news from the Doctors just after Rae’s birth.  She’s got a hole in her heart that didn’t look like it was going to close permanently.  This in addition to the fact that she was born with Atrial Isomerism which means that all of her organs are in the wrong place, can be a very bad combination.  In addition, many times with this condition, the baby will not be born with a spleen. It took months and many specialists to find in the end that her heart, although placed midline on the body had only a very small hole at 4-months, the Paediatric Cardiologist was happy for her to move forward and he would see her in 1-year, her appointment is coming up very soon.  We spent almost the entire year seeing specialists looking for her spleen, testing her to see if she had one, and the main problem was that because the rest of her organs are misplaced, it was likely the spleen was too.  It is a small organ.  We went in for a scan to look for it for the 3rd time and we had to have her fast prior to the appointment.  No milk for 3 hours prior.  They started the scan and there, hiding behind the stomach they found 3 spleens.  Essentially the spleen has broken into 3 pieces, called polysplenia, there’s also something called multisplenia which is when the spleen breaks into 100s of pieces.  With multisplenia and polysplenia sometimes because the pieces of the spleen are too small – they don’t work together to fight off bacterial infections (which is what the spleen does).  Only a month ago, just before her first birthday we got some test results saying that her spleen was working.  We couldn’t be more relieved.  She seems to be carrying on like any normal baby and OMG aren’t we so happy about that!  From 20 weeks to a year after her birth we were sick with worry that she wasn’t going to have a normal life, and that she would have to endure surgery, and pain to fix things up.  It’s amazing, hundreds of thousands of people are born with jumbled up organs, before ultrasound you never would know until you had a surgery.  She’s just one of the many people with this condition.  It just hasn’t effected her in the least.

As I said previously we sold our house in Belgrave, Victoria, AU so that I could take some time off work and we could live on one income.  It probably the best decision we could have made.  We’ve been renting for a year, and after 9 months off, I have returned to work.  Now that I’m back at work 4 days a week (1 at home, and 3 in the office) we are going to upgrade our rental to a bigger place, with room for the dog, backyard, one story and something more open plan. My return to work has been good. I work for a good company that appreciates me and care about work/life balance, so much that they let me work less than full time.  I’ve gone back as a Consultant but we are in the works to bring me on in a full time permanent role. It’s good, I can’t complain really. I was hired back into the same role I was in previously with the same great team – I couldn’t be happier.

When Raegan was 4 months old we took our first trip to the U.S.  We spent a couple weeks with my brother in San Diego (I love SD, I wish I could afford to live there), and a week in Vegas with my Mother and our extended family on my Mother’s side, and finally a week at my Mother’s place in Sacramento.  We stopped into Chico for a beer festival and to catch up with our friends, and we had a short visit with my cousin Lavette and my Gramma Hay, and we spent a night in LA with my cousin Laura and her 15 mo old Audra.  Raegan was so small but even though she won’t remember the trip, it was so good for my family to see her, hold her, and experience our precious little bub.

So.  There’s my explanation, baby + travel + work = little time to blog.  But actually recently I’ve been thinking about getting back into it and today when I was scrolling through my friends blog I saw a post that was addressed to me.  I’m back.  We’re leaving in 3-1/2 weeks for a Bird Family holiday at Surin Beach, Thailand, with the grandparents, cousins and everyone for 17 nights!  My mom is coming out for a long vacation at the end of the year as well.  I’ll be blogging a lot from Thailand and that will get me going for this next crazy year. It’s good to be back

Here’s a couple recent pics of our little “Chicken”, she’s now 13 months old, you can click on the pictures below to see them enlarged –


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