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Nov '07

Second Annual ‘Thanksgiving in Australia’

Well, there’s a lot to say on this post but I won’t bore you with the full details…

We had our second annual Thanksgiving with our closest friends and family and it turned out better than we could have expected.  The stuffing (my Mom’s recipe) turned out fantastic, and the turkey was beautiful.

We had a few kids and they had a great time, as well as the adults. A couple high points – Dawn brought a copy of her episode from The Singing Office (the TV show) where she and her co-workers from the CFA (County Fire Authority) competed against AG Clothing. And Lawerence got a hair cut. Both very fun to watch, well for us.


Woz tried not to look but it was inevitable, Dawn was singing on Television (that little devil).  We had a wonderful day and it was so good to see all our friends. 

Blairs girls traded off taking pictures of everyone and everything with each persons camera. My favourite picture from the day was of Ashley and Sky mucking around in the backyard, they wanted their picture next to this purple bush. Sky just kept yelling ‘I can’t see’, while Ash laughed.

gowans2.jpg gowans.jpg

Remember I was saying about “Mo-vember”.  Well our friend Lawerence showed up to our Thanksgiving dinner with a very long beard. He wasn’t sporting the mo for Mo-vember but Rod decided that he should have a mustache, so with approval from Lawerence’s wife Norelle – Rod proceeded to cut Lawerence a “mo”.   

Thanksgiving is special to me, and to Dawn (my compadre), it is so nice to have that “family” atmosphere around the holidays especially Thanksgiving since we don’t have our own families close.  The turkey, stuffing, the wine and friends – it’s all worth having everyone around to celebrate “giving thanks” for what we have.

Here’s a quick overview of the yummy day (click on the pic to enlarge):

dinner-is-served.jpg ham.jpg stuffing.jpg turkey-2.jpg yams.jpg table-2.jpg 

I really do love our friends here, we had a wonderful day and with Birdie’s Sierra Nevada beer brewing in my tummy I must call it a night. Looking forward to next year’s Thanksgiving dinner.

We’re gearing up for the 3rd Annual Camping Extravanza

Space is limited so sign up now if you are going on the camp this year, I hear it may be near a beach!!  I’m looking forward to seeing where Woz is going to pick this year! Weeeeeeeeeeee!

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