My Life Abroad: The Adventures of Two Birds
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May '20

The Story of Two Birds

How Lainey & Birdie met

My husband (Birdie) and I met about 25 years ago – 1987. At my high school, we sponsored an Australian Basketball team as they were traveling on a playing tour. I was lucky enough to spot Birdie in our first game against the Australians and after the game I went up to speak to him. We were joined at the hip for the entire time he was in town, and then for several years following this chance meeting we wrote long love letters back and forth. It seemed like I had known him my whole life and I always wondered for years  what “could have been” if we just didn’t live on other sides of the world? Through the years, in 92, 94, 96, and 2000 we found each other online, and ended up emailing quite a bit – chatted online and never really found the right time to connect and give things a shot. Both of us being married at one time or another also made meeting impossible. In 2005 Birdie saved up his money to come to the US on an NBA Basketball tour that was going to hit New York, Vegas, LA and San Francisco. He called me up and said “I’m coming to California and I want to see you”. I was flattered, I really felt our time had passed – but I was very interested to connect with him again. We spoke about possibly setting myself up to take a trip to Australia to check it out. On that first trip he asked me to stay, move out with him and get married. Both divorced and neither of us with children, I moved out to Melbourne in 2005 and we started planning our life together. Birdie and I were married on 29 April 2006. I am a dual citizen of America and Australia.

Us Two Birds are happy as clams – it seems like we’ve loved each other our whole lives – what could be better?


I’ve been blogging since 2005, and since I moved to Melbourne I wanted to continue blogging to have the opportunity to keep in touch with all my friends at home (NorCal), the family, and my new family here in Australia.

Hope you enjoy our Blog, your comments and interaction is welcome.

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