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Jan '08

Perth, The Western Coast

Well, I start out on my first trip to the west coast tomorrow morning (Sunday).  I’m looking forward to seeing what it’s like, not much of my family here have been so I don’t have many preconceived ideas about it.  I hear that the beaches are nice and that there is booming industry there – so we’ll see.  Stay tuned for my update on Perth and Darwin.

Now every once in a while I put up my Australia map so you can get an idea of where I’m headed on my next business trip.  If you click on the left sidebar under “Map of Australia” you can see the lay of the land. (You can also find some other great information about Australia there.)  However, here it is for you:


As you can see leaving from Melbourne, Victoria going to Perth, Western Australia is “coast to coast” – and about a 4 hour flight.  I will be in Perth for three days then flying straight up to Darwin in the Northern Territory for three days, also quite a trek — and finally back to Melbourne.  Luckily we have a three day weekend next week so I will get some recovery time from all that flying.  This is my last trip of the project and I can finally say I’ve been to every state and experienced the many different ways of Australia. 

Of course, these trips being for work and not pleasure means I didn’t always get to see everything I wanted or get to go to every town I wanted — I still have my top 4 list and I’m looking forward to getting around to those places in the next year or so with Birdie.

1. Coober Pedy (South Australia) – home of the opal mines and a town in the desert where it’s so hot, the people live underground.
2. Uluhru/Ayres Rock (Northern Territory) – the classic Aussie desert rock.
3. Flinders Ranges (Victoria) – camping and walkabout in the “Outback”.
4. Kangaroo Island (South Australia) – breathtaking scenery, seal beach, desert and beach.

Videocast Brilliance


I don’t know how I came across these guys but Rhett & Link are freaking hilarious. These faternal twins just have it going. They quite often are creating songs in their videocast that make me fall to the floor with laughter, usually about current events and other nonsense.  It’s worth checking out their site. I’m now a big fan. The Facebook Song is my very favourite, and for you that are on Facebook, you won’t be able to resist these hilarious songs and there’s a ton more where this came from.  Enjoy!

rlk_facebook_ad.jpg rlk_taxrap_ad.jpg rlk_cornhole_ad.jpg

 You can check out their website on

Our Winery Visit

Last week, bored and sitting around on the weekend, Birdie decided to take me up to Healesville for a country drive.  On the way home we stopped at Chandon (champagne and sparkling wine) for a drink and some quick eats.  It is really lovely there and I always have a good time when we go.  I am looking forward to taking Adam and Mom there when they come in March! 


Here are a couple pictures from our day:

chandon2.jpg chandon4.jpg chandon8.jpg healesville1.jpg chandon6.jpg healesville3.jpg healesville6.jpg


Mental Status: Getting ready to leave for Perth tomorrow morning early… kinda looking forward to it!
Favourite thing this Week: Meeting some new people this week and having some excellent conversations – welcome new friends to the Lainey Bird blog.
Book this WeekDouble Cross by James Patterson <-almost done, I just don’t get enough time to read anymore, however my 4 hour flight to Perth will change all that.

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