My Life Abroad: The Adventures of Two Birds
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Mar '08


Day Two: Balloon over Melbourne

17.jpgWell, we woke up at the crack of dawn… I mean before the crack of dawn to drive into the city and meet up with our Balloon driver.  We got to take part in the ‘filling-of-the-hot-air’ and the preparation for our flight.  Once we all jumped into the basket – and there were me & Rod, Adam & Mom, Rod’s parents Barb & Chris, and two other couples, plus the driver – we took off.  It really wasn’t scarry at all, and I’m afraid of heights!  It never felt like we really left the ground. 

I can’t believe the sights from up there – we rose to about 1,500 feet in the air and got a great view of the city at day break.  We were also the first of 6 balloons taking of from this point in the city as well, so we got to see each of the other balloons take off from up above.  We passed right over the city, we could see the MCG (Melbourne Cricket Ground), Telstradome, Flemington Raceway, the Eureka Building (tallest building in the Southern Hemisphere), Rod Laver Arena (Australian Open), couple golf courses, some parks, and an overview of the city – its quite large. 

Mom and Adam seemed to have a great time and we all got tons of pictures.  Here are some of my favourite and you can see all the shots from this balloon ride from the Photo Album page.  Click on any of the pictures below to take it to it’s own page, then click on it once more to enlarge.

4.jpg 8.jpg 7.jpg 16.jpg 27.jpg 18.jpg 14.jpg 19.jpg 29.jpg 42.jpg

This afternoon we are having a BBQ with family and friends to welcome my Mom and brother to Australia.  Check back for pictures after today.

On schedule for tomorrow…

Tomorrow we are visiting the Healesville Sanctuary Zoo and having lunch at our wedding site: Kellybrook Winery so Adam can see where we got married.  Keep checking back for more fun pictures during their visit this week.


Mental Status: Having a great time with my family! Still on a high from the balloon ride this morning.
Favourite thing this week: Looking forard to some fun events…. can’t say – the itinerary is a secret!   Shhhhhhhhhhhh
Book this week: I’m not reading this week as I am on holidays.
Upcoming events: Healesville Sanctuary, and my favourite – feeding the kangaroos by hand.

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