My Life Abroad: The Adventures of Two Birds
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Apr '08

The Penguin Parade, Phillip Island

penguinsashore.jpgBirdie and I really tried to think up some new things this trip so that we could enjoy seeing new sights as well.  One of the most talked about exhibits in driving distance from Melbourne is the Phillip Island Fairy Penguins (also referred to at “Little Penguins”).  These penguins migrate in after a 17 day trip from Phillip Island through the Melbourne Port and back, each night about the same time they start to arrive at the Phillip Island beach where they then walk out of the water in groups and find their burrows where they will sleep, mate, and molt.  This was the coolest thing to watch – there are several types of tickets you can get for this, the general admission is $20-30 each, then we went for the Sky Box which is an enclosed box above the beach where you get to ask questions to the rangers, take part in the nightly count of the penguins as they come in to shore, and you get to use binoculars to see the little penguins as they waddle across the beach.  There is also a higher priced ticket which allows you to be right on the path that they walk as they come in – with our badge we got to walk down through all the lighted paths to see the penguins as they came in. They are quite little.  Check out the full photo op from the Photo Album page.

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