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Apr '08

A free trip to the U.S.?

Well I really can’t believe what has happened.  Yesterday on my drive out for a site visit and training at one of our many hospitals, I hear a contest on the radio (Fox FM) to see The Veronica’s live in concert in the U.S.  So of course I think… hmmm, free trip to the U.S.?  I entered immediately texting my name in:  LaineyBird.  Low and behold I get a call back saying I won a CD!  And I’m now in the drawing to win the trip, tickets, and the backstage passes.

The Veronica’s In Concert

veronicas-4ever.jpgGot a call today when I was out with Rod and 10 other of his work mates for lunch at the Dumpling King.  Fox FM was calling to make sure my phone was on in case I won today – thought that was weird.  At 3pm sharp I got the call and I AM THE WINNER!  We won two tickets to the U.S. and the concert is in July, and backstage tickets. They are billing the concert in New York but they said it could be anywhere.  We will keep you posted on the dates and the information as soon as we get it.  We will extend the trip on either side to accommodate the Reunion, the spreading of Dad’s ashes at Yosemite, my Reunion in Houston and whatever else we can cram into this trip!  You can check out The Veronicas online at

So…  I’m off to have a drink with my husband and celebrate!  See you in July!

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