My Life Abroad: The Adventures of Two Birds
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Jun '08

Holiday Inn Phuket Resort – Patong Beach, Thailand

phuket.jpgWell, we are on our way to Phuket, Thailand.  The lovely Holiday Inn Resort at Patong Beach!  Birdie has been looking forward to this holiday for a long time now, and he’s very excited!

Personally I’m looking forward to some alone time with my hubbie, shopping, sun-baking, and the swim up bar – babee!  This 10-day family holiday is starting off with a very long flight and the new baby… niece Maddyn will be sitting close and I’m sure we will all have our turn keeping her quiet and happy.  I’ll do my part!

Personally I hate long flights and even more than that I hate travelling on a plane.  You can only walk the isles so many times before you want to crank open the door and jump for your life – or to your death.

Here’s to over-the-counter sleeping pills, Jack and Coke, a silky eye mask, and my new James Patterson novel.  Hopefully it’ll all get me through the whole flight thing.

We only have two weeks back in Melborune before we have to then board again and we’re heading out for our trip to the U.S.  – it’s gonna be airplane overload!  Well at least we get to see all of our family and friends again, it seems like its been forever.

Stay tuned this week to see our pictures from the trip, we hope to be posting blog entries from our room in Patong Beach.

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