My Life Abroad: The Adventures of Two Birds
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Jun '08

Day Seven from Phuket, Thailand


Our scuba adventure was spectacular.  Nothing like the Great Barrier Reef of course, but still, all the same, I love scuba diving.  I had been contemplating getting my certification this trip however it takes three full days of dives to get it done.  I’ll save it for next time.  This is my second trip diving, and my 4th and 5th dives.  Each dive was about :50 minutes and it was just like riding a bike – I remembered everything and just went for it.  We went to 12 meters (40 feet) deep on these dives, we got to see some fantastic fish – my favourite were the moray eel and the clown fish in the anemone (Nemo).  We got a few good pictures diving and the clown fish as well.I think what I missed on these dives were the beautiful coral that we saw during our Queensland dives.  I think it is a combination of the tsunami and the population of tourists here that have deteriorated the coral, and the scenery. Yesterday we went to the Phi Phi Islands to go snorkeling.  Birdie and I took Mum and Bronwyn and had a nice time.  The water was a little murky but we could hand feed the fish pineapples, rip off a little piece and the fish would swarm. You can see the pictures from Scuba Diving under My Photo Albums.


The most interesting of this day was the visit to Phi Phi Don (where they filmed the movie The Beach with Leonardo DiCaprio), and to Phi Phi Island.  At our stop to Phi Phi Island we saw that the Tsunami really took it’s toll on this very small island.

They lost 650 people from this island and one of the guys that were working on our boat that day lost his entire family, parents, wife, and two children.  When the Tsunami hit Phuket, a call was made out to Phi Phi Island to warn them of the wave, but our tour guide said that nobody believed the warning – as they had heard nothing of such a wave before.

Trees are broken off and you can see everything is new on this very very small island.  It is sad to think that people living in very small leafy shacks were swept out to sea. Now they are doing these Tsunami Drills quite often, getting people ready for notification. If an outer island experiences something similar to an earthquake or Tsunami there will be a siren and people are asked to go to high ground.  Generally if you are at sea, in the deep water you won’t even know its happening – as were the people on our guide’s boat the day of the Tsunami three years ago.  They left Phuket at 9:30 am and arrived at Phi Phi Island at 10:30 – missing the Tsunami by :30 minutes – when they arrived at Phi Phi it was gone… everything was gone. They were lucky that day.

monkey-beach1.jpgMONKEY BEACH

Monkey Beach was a fun experience, even though the tide was high, the monkeys who usually wait on the beach for the tourists to feed them were in the trees. We pulled the boat right up to the trees at the top of the water where the beach is usually during low tide.  The monkeys sitting in the trees would take watermelon right out of our hands.  One got clumsy and fell onto our boat and instead of jumping off, helped himself to our box of watermelon, stuffing his face!  But it was time for us to go so we just backed the boat up and starting heading out.  Monkey still on the bow of the boat eating looked up and realised that we were starting to go.  He jumped down into the boat, threw down his last piece of watermelon and ran for it – straight through all the people on the boat to the end of the boat and dove in.  He swam pretty good for a monkey doing doggy paddle… all the way back to shore.  They were quite cute, however they are wild and you cannot touch them. They where fun to feed and to watch hanging from the trees.  I would have liked to spend more time at this stop along the way. If you do a Phi Phi Island tour be sure it stops at Monkey Beach!

elephant.jpgFANTA SEA

We went with the family to see FantaSea, which is an animal show, with Thai dancing and culture.  We went to the buffet dinner and we got to see and feed the fish, elephants, etc.  I got my picture with an elephant, fed them bananas and sugar cane.  The actual FantaSea show wasn’t quite as spectacular as all of the “theme-park-like” atmosphere. It has beautiful costumes, a cute story about a magic elephant, but it was just too much “wanna-be Vegas” for me.  There were some acrobatics that were a bit lacking and mid-show comedy that could have been easily forgotten.  My suggestion save your money for the County Fair.

We have a couple more days of shopping; the Cabaret show and then we are off to Bangkok for a day before we leave.  

So far we are developing great tans and have spent a lot of time at the pool. We’re having a great time with our new niece Maddyn, and with the family.  Lot’s of massages and spa treatments as well as shopping and sight-seeing.  There is a lot to do here and for very cheap. The Baht, Thai money, is worth so little compared to our dollar.  Such a good inexpensive tropical holiday!  Fantastic.

Check back for more soon!

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