My Life Abroad: The Adventures of Two Birds
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Jul '08

San Francisco, California (day 3 of 35)

Our Last Day In San Fran

Well, day two of our San Francisco adventure included recovery from the Veronicas concert at the Fillmore and the Jass club that followed – and of course the several wonderful drinks throughout the night.  Overall succes on day one.  Day two was the adventure card called the “Go San Francisco” card that was to include pretty much anything group of tours on a list a mile long.  We opted for the…

1) San Francisco Red & White Fleet Bay Cruise, from Pier 41 to the Golden Gate Bridge and around Alcatraz and back:

wharf-sign.jpg cablecar1.jpg red-and-white-fleet.jpg us-on-the-boat.jpg  bridge3.jpg flag-birdge.jpg alctraz-buildings.jpg alctraz-sign.jpg elaine_boat.jpg rod-bay.jpg

2) we moved on to the WWII ship SS Jeramiah O’Brien which survived the War and is somehow still afloat on the dock of the bay in San Francisco:

ss-jerimiah-obrien.jpg guns.jpg guns2.jpg guns3.jpg jerimiah-obrien-ramp.jpg us-navy-ships_subs.jpg sub.jpg shipboard1.jpg

3) next the famous San Fran Wax Museum, then finally 4) the Trolly Tour of San Francisco starting at the Pier going through Union Square, China Town, Italy Town, and more.  Overall the day w as fun but it was so long:

 beetlegeuce-wax.jpg  julia-roberts-wax.jpg wax-musem_diana.jpg reece-wax.jpg mona-lisa-wax.jpg 

My feet are still swollen from the flight so I have been completely dying with all the walking around.  Everything in San Francisco was great and we had a wonderful trip, hope you enjoyed the pictures!  Here were my favourite views from Union Square San Fran:

macys.jpg barneys-ny.jpg lv.jpg ae.jpg ghiradelli2.jpg

We had dinner at the Cheesecake Factory, which famous for it’s Cheesecake is also an excellent place for lunch or dinner.  I had the blackened Mahi Mahi and Birdie had the Beef Ribs.  Excellent.  With a piece of New York Original Cheesecake to go… we were on our way. 

After sleeping in we were off to get the rental car and we were off to Mom’s in Sacramento (1-1/2 drive).  So we’re here for the night, to visit and have dinner and then tomorrow we are on our way to the Bay Area. It was nice to visit with my Mom since her last visit to Melbourne earlier this year and to see my very missed Kitty Kahlua.  We’re looking forward to seeing everyone including our friends in Chico the following weekend, and then being back in Sac with Mom for a week before the Reunion(s).

We’re now in San Jose, California and off to the amusement park Paramount’s Great America tomorrow!  Check out the pictures and check back soon. 

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