My Life Abroad: The Adventures of Two Birds
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Jul '08

Southern California “SoCal” (day 13 of 35)

We finally made it to SoCal from Chico.  We had to do the drive in two days because an 11 hour drive is just too long for us old folk.  It was a tight squeeze, we drove from Chico straight to Lost Hills, California which is a truck stop just off of Interstate 5 and Route 46 (I believe).  There was a Motel 6 and that’s where we crashed after the first 5.5 hour drive (day one).  It was a very small, very cheezy, very smoke-smelling room that gave me a headache but we managed.  On day two of our drive Birdie was doing almost all the driving so far because he likes to drive on the wrong side of the car and the road, and well… he’s good at it, we went from Lost Hills down Route 46 to cut over to San Luis Obisbo on the PCH (Pacific Coast Highway, also known as Highway 1).  Highway 1 (PCH) is a long and winding road that goes from the top to the bottom (or visa versa) of California on the coast.  It’s always the longest route to take but for obvious reasons the most scenic.

When we arrived in L.A. (day 12) we were met by my brother Adam, and girlfriend Kat in toe. And we were quickly (after a beer) wisked away to a Baseball Game (Angels v. Indians).  Large beers and filling food/snacks later we headed back home and crashed.  The game was nice, Birdie’s first baseball game ever… I couldn’t tell you how many were in attendance and I would ask Birdie but he is sleeping off a bad stomach.

Day 13, much more adventageous, we all four went to Knotts Berry Farms, which is a very large amusement park.  Sorta like Great America from day 5, but bigger, and better.  I’ll tell you that some of these rides want to make you crap yourself when you look at them but they are so fun!  Here are my pictures from the day at Knotts Berry Farms.

And my very favourite ride, Xcelerator

group-huntington.jpgAfter Knotts we went to Huntington Beach for dinner and found that the US Open of Surfing was going on, there were a lot of vendors and it looked like a lot of fun.  We had dinner and walked around and had an ice cream after to check everythingn out.  On the beach was a “tent city” which included a full two story Red Bull tent ‘Bar’ – only steps away from the stands and the beaches edge where the surfing competition was taking place during the day.  Dinner was good – we ate too much as usual.

Only 10 days left until the Reunion and I am so glad it’s going to be over.  I seriously don’t think some people have any idea what it takes – yearlong planning, coordination, making contacts, and setting everything up from thousands and thousands of kilometers away…  I think this will be my last year as Reunion Planner for sure, that is of course unless I am made the Reunion Queen.  Then I’ll think about it.


Mental Status: Still freaking tired, but glad to see my brother – happier than I’ve seen him in a long long time.
Favourite thing this week: The Xcelerator rollercoaster at Knotts Berry Farm, I rode it twice and have a video.
Book this week: Everybody Worth Knowing by Lauren Weisberger
Happy Moment today: Getting to see Jewells & Steve.
Looking forward to next week: Closure… and the beauty of Yosemite, first time for both Birdie and I.

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