My Life Abroad: The Adventures of Two Birds
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Jul '08

Yosemite Camp Cancelled (day 16 of 35)

It is so sad to have to say that our Yosemite family camping trip has had to be cancelled.  Birdie, myself, and Adam have all had a horrible bout of food poisoning and we have been laid up for a couple days now.  Camping is no place for us at the moment, and after being dehydrated for two days – making a 16 mile hike is completely out of the question.  It’s a sign.  This isn’t the time.

On a happier note, we are going to be heading back up north tomorrow toward Sacramento and I am hopefully going to get to see my second-cousin Tammy.  I haven’t seen her in a very long time but we are close in age and were close for a long time growing up.  I’m looking forward to meeting her family, catching up, and getting to show Birdie Monterey and Santa Cruz!

My Second Cousin

When Birdie and I were sick with food poisoning in SoCal we didn’t get to see my cousin Tammy, but she drove up in the following week to have lunch with Birdie, myself, and my Mother.  Tammy and I were baptized together, she is my second cousin, my Dad Alan and her Dad Leonard were first cousins and my Gramma Flora and her Gramma Mary were sisters.  We’ve been close growing up but have lost track for the last 15 years. It was so good to catch up.


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