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Dec '08

The countdown to Thailand…


Well we are now down to the wire and I’m starting to get really excited now!  We are the first of our group of 10+ to fly out and we will have a day or so before the next one arrives. I’m going to start my scuba training course on the 27th and I will be diving with confidence (and on my own) by the 29th. 

We are leaving around 2pm on Christmas day and we will arrive in Bangkok on the 25th after a 10 hour flight, rest up and catch our hop down to Phuket on the 26th and we are there until Jan 3rd to celebrate New Years Eve with our friends.

After New Years Eve about half of the group are heading off for our last 5-6 days at Koh Samui (or Ko Samui) which is a bit more resortish than the big marketplaces and night clubs of Phuket.  I am hoping for some pool-side/beach-side relaxing time at Koh Samui Island and some time alone with Birdie.  If possible I will try to do a dive in Koh Samui since I’ve never been there before.  I imagine since it is a smaller island it will be a great dive!

As you can see Thailand, for those of you that are geographically-challenged, is between Malasia, Vietnam, Burma, Cambodia and Laos.  Still not sure?  Get out the ole globe and take it for a spin, or just Google it.

Check in for my posts of our daily adventures in Thailand, this trip is bound to be exciting!

Feel free to post comments throughout the week as we will be checking in often.


or Goodbye for now… 


Mental Status: High spirits, getting excited about our holiday.
Favourite thing this week: Finishing my Christmas shopping.
Book this week: Three to Get Deadly (A Stephanie Plum Novel) by Janet Evanovich.
Happy Moment: The beautiful ring Birdie gave me as an early Chrissy present!
Looking forward to next week: Being pool-side with booze in a pineapple and a big straw.

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