My Life Abroad: The Adventures of Two Birds
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Dec '08


Welcome to Thailand!

Our flight was excellent, I’m not so sure if I can travel with the cattle again after going business class. The flight just flew by so fast 9-hours and we were in Bangkok at the airport waiting for our connecting flight.  We waited in the Thai Airlines silk lounge for our connecting flight to Phuket and arrived just after midnight on the 30th.  A quick ride to jenga.jpgthe hotel from the airport and we met up with everyone that was out at the bars and we thought – we’re so tired, just one drink. 

But we ended up out till 4am when the bars close here on Banglor Road with the group having drinks.  Mat, Blair, Damien and Georgia – we had a good night and weren’t too tired to hang. 

After a good sleep we proceeded on New Years Eve day to go shopping and show Damien and Georgia around to the best shopping places.  We stoped during shopping for a beer at little bodega and the guys played jenga against the bartender.  Hilarious!

We’ve  spent a bit of time drinking out of fruit – sitting on the beach at beach bars soacking in the heat and having a great time. Here are the snapshots from our first full day:

coke.jpg georgia.jpg rod_coconut.jpg mat.JPG 

We all met later for drinks after a full day of shopping and then went to dinner and the fireworks started about 10pm.  We ran home and changed then went back to Bangla Road and Beach Road where we watched the most spectacular fireswords show – well not really a show – you can just buy the most massive fireworks on the street here.  Bangla Road is where everyone hangs out and it was a crazy scene on the street, insane amounts of people:



lantern.jpgEveryone buys BIG fireworks and goes down to the beach and sets them off. Like big kilometer sized up in the air ten stories high fireworks.  A bit dangerous but they went on for hours and hours.  Incredible! The most awsome thing we saw were these lanterns made out of paper you can buy, they have a built-in ring of cardborad that you can light and after a few minutes of being lit they start to gain heat and fly off into the sky.

Rod and I sent one up for my Dad which was very cool! There were thousands in the sky at any given time between 11pm and 4am. 

Some of the pictures look like stars they just twinkled off into the sky for miles and miles. It was one of the most beautiful things I think I’ve ever seen.

It is something everyone should experience! It is something I will never forget for the rest of my life.  Here are some more snapshots of the lanterns in the sky – click to enlarge.

lantern2.jpg lanetrn3.jpg lantern3.jpg lantern4.jpg lantern5.jpg

So only a day and a half left here and we fly out to Koh Samui for the majority of our trip. On the little island we will relax, eat, drink and scuba! Check back in a couple days for our next update.

Hi to Dawn & Woz, Candy, Melzie, Mat’s Mum, and all of our friends checking in – we’re all having a great time!

Love Lainey & Rod


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