My Life Abroad: The Adventures of Two Birds
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Dec '08

Our worst travel nightmare…

Okay, so Christmas morning we’re so excited and get to the airport. We’re waiting in the Business Class line (which is short) and we hand over our passports to check in for our flight.  The agent asks if we have ‘other’ passports.  And my reply is of course not.  Our passports both expire at the end of April 2009.  Unfortunately, to travel to Asia you must have 6-months of validity on your passport available.  So it’s a holiday, and tomorrow the day after Christmas is a holiday, then of course the weekend…  we catch a cab home 🙁

We had our little anger session (at ourselves mostly for not knowing), and a bit of a cry, then we start to re-book our flights and change our arrangements.

So we will each be first in line at our respective passport offices on Monday, and I may even catch a quick flight to Sydney if they only do US passports there, we hope to obtain new passports on Monday and fly out on Tuesday. At least we will be able to arrive on the 30th and have New Years Eve with our friends who will have already been there for days.  We’ve extended our time in Koh Samui by 3-days to try to make up for it all.

So here is our new countdown.  Stay tuned to find out if our entire holiday will be ruined or we will live through our worst travel nightmare…

Fingers crossed, wish us luck.


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