My Life Abroad: The Adventures of Two Birds
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Jan '09

Hartin’s Last Nite in Phuket

We went out for our last night in Phuket before the Hartins had to leave to go back home, we went and found a little place called Dolphin bar with a pool table.  Here is our “group” photo of everyone that came from Melbourne with us:


We had a really fun night together, now some are going home, and 4 of us are heading to Koh Samui for 8-days there.  Smaller group will be fun and we will also have some of our own time to do things.  I’m looking forward to spending some quality time with Birdie.

I have noticed that there aren’t many Americans that come to Thailand for holiday but when I hear the accent I usually ask.   Here are the friends I made from Arizona!  This fun group were carrying around a red blow-up devil thing that ends up in every picture, so I get to hold it in this one:


Here are my last snapshots from last night, click to enlarge!  We’ll check back in from Koh Samui!

hartins.jpg mat_blair.jpg lainey_rod.jpg laniey_rod2.jpg lainey_matti.jpg

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