My Life Abroad: The Adventures of Two Birds
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Jan '09

We’ve all arrived at Chaweng, Koh Samui

beach-dining2.jpgMat and Blair arrived this afternoon to the island of Samui.  We got to bed early on the night we arrived and headed out in the morning to check out the shopping on the main road.  What’s different between Samui and Phuket is that there is just one main road really where all the shopping, massage places, bars, clubs, and some restaurants are – all of the resorts have entrances on the beach side of the street and on the beach is where most of the good dining is.

After we had breakfast at our restaurant, we walked around about 9:30am in the EXTREME heat we came back and changed to go to the pool and had a foofy drink (I had a Sex on the Beach for Candace), we swam and then went into the ocean.  The ocean water is so warm and wonderful, the pool water was colder.  We caught some rays and relaxed on the beach.  Before Mat and Blair got there we went for another oil massage together and met them after for a drink, after about 3pm it cooled down considerably – the evenings are nice here.

We had dinner on the beach, at the end of the day the resorts turn all of their wood lounge chairs into tables to eat outdoors, a few fairy (christmas) lights and ‘bang’ it’s an outdoor restaurant on the beach.  Each resort does it so there are about 20-30 restaurants on the beach.  That’s where we had a big meal and shared a hooka, all for about $15 a piece with drinks!

 beach-dining.JPG lainey-hooka.jpg mat-hooka.jpg rod-dining.jpg mat_little-thai-girl.jpg laniey-dinner.jpg blair-hooka.JPG boats-at-dusk.jpg samui3.jpg wood-sculpture.jpg sandwoman.jpg

So tomorrow more sunning, swimming, massages (maybe a facial for me), a few beers with the guys and a lot of relaxing for me.  I’m getting ready for my scuba open water diving course on the 6th – 8th to get my license, I’m hoping the guys will be able to come on my final day of testing and snorkel while I dive so we can all hang together on the boat.  Check back for more soon…

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