My Life Abroad: The Adventures of Two Birds
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Jan '09

Tomorrow, I swim with the sharks…

lainey_monkey.jpgOnly a few days left on our trip, I’ve been busy with my Scuba ‘Open Water Diving Course’ this week, tomorrow I will be licensed!!  I’m so tired from the classes and being underwater for so long – kicking away!  The guys came out with me today and snorkelled while I did day two of my course.  We went to Nangyuen where most of the snorkellers are taken out to – we had lunch there and were out most of the day. The waves were a bit choppy and Mat and I suffered a bit. I’m hoping tomorrow will be a little more easy out on the seas. Once I get underwater, the current is quite strong but you don’t really feel the rolling of the water. 

Today we did training underwater but I did get to see a big school of barracuda that was “Awsome” (as Brent likes to say)!  I took a few snaps of the island and our boat but there are no diving pics, hopefully tomorrow there will be a few. 

So, it’s true, tomorrow in my last day of my Open Water Diving Course we are going to swim with sharks.  I heard they are 4-5 meters long (13 feet-ish), and some we will see are white fin sharks.  I’ll know more when I blog tomorrow.  There won’t be pictures because we will be diving to 18 meters deep (60 feet) and the cameras we have won’t work that deep 🙁

<- Yes, there is a monkey on my back (no, it’s not booze).  Believe it or not the monkey’s name is ADAM.  He’s cute and people walk around with them trying to get idiots like us to pay for a picture with one, I couldn’t pass it up.  He was cute but wouldn’t look at the camera, instead he kept swiping at Birdie trying to smack him.  It was funny.

After all that we met up with a friend that arrived last night, Tony, and we all went to mexican for dinner and ate a load of ribs, tequilla, and some margaritas.  We are having a great time hanging out and I’m so excited that Michelle, Blairs friend, is showing up tomorrow and will be around with us for the last days of our trip before they head off for 3-days in Bangkok.


At night we’ve been making our way around the small town of Samui checking out the bars and attractions. The guys have found that fireworks are easy to buy here and they have been setting off really big ones on the beach.  I’ve included some pictures of our snorkelling island/boat, and the last couple days and nights. Including this one, my favourite sexy ladies:


catamaran-to-nangyuan.jpg nangyuan.jpg nangyuan-resort.jpg nangyuan-resort2.jpg nangyuan_sleepykitty.jpg nangyuan-resort3.jpg nangyuan-resort4.jpg nangyuan-resort5.jpg dream-girls.jpg fireworks.jpg

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