My Life Abroad: The Adventures of Two Birds
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Jan '09

Our last days in Thailand

The scuba class went well, I’m finally certified and I had a great time on my last day of dives. Unfortunately we drove out to where the sharks are but it was such rough waters that we ended up not being able to go there.  So we went back and did some dives closer to the twins: the Nangyuan Islands.  I did get to see some great fish and I finally finished all of my course work, skills and my 4 dives.

4dive1.jpg 4dive2.jpg 4dive3.jpg

Well Michelle arrived yesterday, Tony also arrived from Phuket – so we have a new group of 6 for our last couple days.  Mat, Blair & Michelle are heading to Bangkok next for a few days before they return home, Tony leaves for home tomorrow and we leave on the 11th to return home.

Last night we took Michelle out to dinner at the beach, to walk along the main strip and ended up playing pool in a bar all night with the group of us.  We had a fun time.

pool.jpg blair-pole.jpg blair_mich.jpg tony.jpg portable-bar.jpg

yo-rod.jpg tongue.jpg lainey_mich.jpg lainey_rod2.jpg blair_mich1.jpg

blair_mich2.jpg tony1.jpg blair_mich3.jpg daquari.jpg mohito.jpg italian.jpg

We found this great Italian joint that had the best food and we have had a dinner and a lunch there, that is Vecchia Napoli Ristorante & Pizzeria and it is the most spectacular homemade italian/pasta/oven fired pizza!  Definitely a place to go!  We also went in for massages and the boys got pedicures and manicures while us girls got pedi’s, I got a facial and an oil massage. It was a full day at the spa for me and it was lovely.


We moved on for dinner at a place called Bono – I had King Prawns in Green Curry with rice, Tony had a beautiful filet of Barracuda, and Rod had squid with basil, garlic and chili. Most of these places have their fish, lobster, etc. out front of the restaurant so you can pick what you want cooked – Birdie picked out a squid.  Yum!

This morning Birdie and I did our last shopping, had a quiet lunch together and just the two of us, and we tried to overcome our hangovers from last night. We couldn’t keep up with the group – man I’m getting old!

 lainey-lunch.jpg rod-lunch.jpg

For me, my scuba class is over and I am now licensed! We’ve had a wonderful holiday and I can’t wait for our next trip back to Thailand.

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