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Feb '09

Bushfires in Victoria rage on

090209-01-australia-fire_big.jpgIt has been such an emotional week here in Victoria. As we enter the summer months in Australia the heat has been rising, it’s dry, the wind hot and fierce. Last weekend we had the highest temperature ever in our State of Victoria upwards of 116 f. Melbourne is a big city and like most it is surrounded with rural areas filled with trees and beautiful homes in the hills. The fires came so fast. The wind, strong as ever, blew flames through small rural communities throughout Victoria in minutes – lives lost, dreams shattered, in a matter of hours.My friend Dawn is from Grass Valley (my hometown in California), she and her husband Woz live in Kinglake which is one of the most hard hit area by the fires. When the fires ripped through Kinglake most were unable to escape their homes. There’s one way in and one way out, many died trying to escape in their cars – overtaken by smoke. Dawn and her neighbours somehow survived the fire in Kinglake, only about 100 homes in Kinglake have been spared. A total of 1803 homes were lost in this fire throughout the rural suburbs and as of today there have been a reported 181 lives lost (however it is believed that there are close to 300).You know I love America but there is something I have learned about Australians in my four short years here – they really come through for each other, the support throughout Melbourne and all over Australia has really touched my heart. In these very difficult economic times people all over Australia elvis_gallery__268x400.jpghave donated over 100 million dollars just this week.I would like to ask all of you, my friends, my family to make a contribution to the Red Cross of Australia for these bushfire victims.  Every little red cent counts when there are so many that are displaced, have lost their homes and most have lost a loved one.  I’ve been trying to do my part, we’ve donated money but I’ve also helped to organise a drive for clothes and toys at work which had a wonderful turnout.

The devastation is going to be long lasting.  Already with economic crisis and housing shortage in Melbourne these people are going to struggle to even find a place to call home.  Your donations really will make a difference.  Contribute just a bit and add to the millions of Australians and people all over the world that have donated over100 million dollars to these families already! I’d like to share some photos of the heroes and fighters – the people that have saved lives and the fire itself in it’s destruction.  I hope these pictures will help you understand the gravity of the destruction to a beautiful community and so many lives.

Updates this week lead us to believe that the high temperatures and continued fires that rage on in Melbournes rural suburbs are threatening Healesville and Healesville Wildlife Sanctuary.  For those of you familiar or that have been to Healesville this is a devastating proposal.  Please keep us in your prayers and I will keep you updated on the happenings this weekend.

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Please, we need your help.  Donate!

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